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Terms of service

These terms and conditions define the conditions of use of Locopal site operated by Hundred Dreams, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”). These Terms of Use Locopal an agreement between the Company and the purchaser of Locopal .

  • (Definition)


2.In these terms and conditions, a “prepaid card” is a prepaid card (including a gift card) issued by a store introduced by Locopal , and the customer uses the prepaid card to write the contents or information written on the prepaid card. You can receive the service of the contents that the contract store explained about the prepaid card from the contract shop.

3.In these Terms, “Customer” refers to the owner of Locopal , and “Buyer” refers to a person who purchases or buys a prepaid card from a contracted store through Locopal .

4.In these terms and conditions, “contracted store” refers to a store that can use a prepaid card listed on the prepaid card, and refers to an entity that has only one responsibility for the prepaid card.

Article 2 (Basic Provisions)

(1) The Company acts as an agent of a contract store on behalf of the sale of prepaid cards to customers, and all rights and obligations regarding prepaid cards generated by the sale of prepaid cards occur between the contract store and the customer And we do not bear any responsibility. Even if we send customers prepaid cards by mail, the issuers of prepaid cards are contracted stores, and we are merely acting as a mail agent.

2 The customer can use the product purchase only at the contract store indicated on the prepaid card when using the prepaid card, within the amount of money indicated on the prepaid card, and for the expiration date of the prepaid card. . Prepaid cards can not be used for any other party or for any other period. After the expiration date, the prepaid card can not be used, and all the rights shown there will disappear, and the prepaid card purchase price can not be refunded.

Article 3 (How to use)

1 Prepaid cards can be purchased by credit card payment after entering personal information such as the address, name, etc. of the prepaid card delivery address, such as the buyer’s own name, address, e-mail address, etc., on a dedicated site. You

2) We will send out the prepaid card to the shipping address specified by the customer within 5 days of the customer purchasing the prepaid card at the exclusive site under contract of the contract store.

(3) Customers can exchange prepaid cards with the goods or services of the contracted store within the amount of money indicated or represented on the prepaid card by presenting the prepaid card at the contracted store.

Article 4 (expiration date)

(1) The prepaid card usage period is within six months from the date the prepaid card was issued. However, if the contract store separately defines a different usage period, it shall be in accordance with the usage period.

2 Remaining amount of prepaid card which could not be used within the term of paragraph 1 becomes invalid, prepaid card can not be used, and purchaser’s purchase price paid for prepaid card purchase can not be refunded at all. We do not give any refund to the purchaser or the customer, including the expenses we receive from the contract store.

Article 5 (Disclaimer)

1 In any circumstances, including in the following cases, if any damage is caused to the customer or other third parties regarding the prepaid card, the Company shall not be liable at all and the refund of the prepaid card purchase price is also possible. It shall not be possible. However, with regard to (2) to (4), this does not apply if due to our intention or gross negligence.

  • If the prepaid card expires (Article 4) and becomes unusable
  • In case of loss, theft or unauthorized use of a prepaid card
  • If there is a problem with the transfer of prepaid card
  • If the prepaid card is damaged.
  • The prepaid card can be used due to circumstances (such as bankruptcy proceedings, closure, cancellation, transfer of business, transfer of shares, other ownership changes, cancellation of operations by the supervisory authority, etc. by the supervisory agency, etc.) When there is no change and there is a change in the goods or services of the contract store.

2.With regard to the purchaser’s or customer’s right and obligation concerning prepaid card, only the contract store bears all responsibility, and we do not bear any direct obligation to the customer. If you have any problems or complaints regarding the contract store, please contact the contract store.

3.In the event of any problems, including the inability to use the prepaid card, and if the company is intentionally or grossly negligent with respect to that, the maximum amount of damages by the Company shall be the purchase price of the prepaid card. Is the upper limit.


Article 6 (Personal Information)

The Company deeply recognizes the importance of personal information, declares that the customer’s personal information is handled appropriately and safely, and based on the personal information protection law and related laws, etc., the personal information received from the customer , Handle as follows.

  • We use your personal information for the purpose of confirming your application, sending prepaid cards and performing related after-sales service.
  • In principle, we do not disclose personal information received from customers to third parties without your prior consent. However, this is not the case when providing according to the law.
  • As a rule, personal information can only be requested by the customer. In addition, as a result of disclosure, if there is incorrect information and correction or deletion is requested, it responds to this.
  • Whether the customer is provided with personal information to us is at the discretion of the customer. However, if the necessary information can not be obtained, delivery of the prepaid card may not be properly performed.
  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, your personal information will be disclosed to the contract store who is the issuer of the prepaid card you purchased. The contract store will use the customer’s personal information to fulfill the service to the customer, improve the service, and promote and promote.

Article 7 (Agreement jurisdiction)

For all prepaid card cases, the Hawaii State Circuit Circuit Court of Hawaii or the US District Court of Hawaii Region will be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first trial.

Article 8 (Applicable Law)

Only Hawaii State law shall apply to this Agreement, and success or failure of the contract based on this agreement or its validity shall be interpreted in accordance with Hawaii State Law.

Article 9 (Change of Terms)

The Company can change these Terms of Use by notifying on a dedicated site after a certain period of notice, and after the notice period has passed, the changed terms shall be applied automatically.

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May 1, 2019