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Shopping guide

Shopping guide

Details of payment method, delivery method, return and exchange policy.
Please read the frequently asked questions for additional information. Please contact us by e-mail or phone if you have any questions or inquiries that are not described below.

1.About payment method

Credit card

We accept credit cards from the following companies.
PayPal,Visa,Master, Amex, Discover, JCB
For security reasons, the receipt will be sent from the credit card company.

  • ※ We only accept single payment..
  • ※ The total payment amount is "total item price + shipping cost".
  • ※ Payment is settled in US dollar, and the amount will be billed in your currency.
  • ※ We will pay the transaction fee.

Please be assured that we use a transaction system called SSL, and the card number is encrypted and sent.

2.About delivery

Shipping method and shipping cost when receiving in your country

Mail from Hawaii. You can choose to have a tracking number.

Delivery:USPS (US Postal Service)
Shipping fee:Delivery fee may vary depending on the destination and tracking number.
With tracking number: $ 33.60
Without tracking number: $ 5.00

Shipping method and shipping cost when receiving in Hawaii

If you receive in Hawaii, you can choose from the following three methods.

  • (1)Delivery to your hotel
  • (2)Locopal Operating Company (Waikiki Office)
  • (3)Mail
(1)Delivery to the hotel:
We will deliver to your hotel. (Oahu Waikiki, Ala Moana area only)
Please check your mail at the front desk.
※Free shipping
(2)Locopal Operating Company (Waikiki Office):
You can receive it at the office of Locopal operating company Hundred Dreams, Inc. Please let us know in advance.
※No fee
Please check your mail at the front desk of your hotel.
Delivery: USPS (US Postal Service)
Shipping cost: $ 3.60
Shipping time
To receive it in your country:
It will arrive within 7-14 days from order. If you wish to receive it in your country, please make sure to order 14 days prior of your trip.
If you receive it in Hawaii:
We will be ready to deliver them within 5 business days from your order.
  • * It may take some time to deliver during the holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Golden Week, etc.,

3.Cancel / return / exchange policies


Please be aware that we do not accept cancellations, returns, and exchanges after the purchase is made.

If you want to cancel, or change after completing your order, please contact us by 9 am of the day after you made the order. If you contact us later, you may not be able to change or cancel your order.
Cooling off Cooling off is a system applied to door-to-door sales. Please note that the cooling off system does not apply to this website as it is a mail-order service.


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If you register here , you can access to My Page.
Following services are available on My Page.
※No fees

1. New registration of customer information such as shipping address, edit account information.
2. Check order history