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Purvé Donut Stop

  1234 Kona Street Honolulu, Hi 86814 (Up the ramp)

Purvé Donut Stop is a one of a kind unique experience from start to finish. As soon as you walk in the door you will be mesmerized by the smell of fresh donuts and bright art work covering the walls. Once you grab a menu you will be able to look at the display of donuts to make your choice of fresh made donuts. When you make a decision you take your order menu to the front counter where you will place your order. After placing your order let the fun begin. You get to watch your donuts made right in front of you from start to finish. While you are waiting for donuts to get boxed don’t forget to take a picture with the signature unicorn social media wall. Last but not least sink your teeth into the freshest donuts on the planet.

6am - 2pm 7 days a week!

Aloha~come try our donuts!

Aloha! Our names are Nick and Brion and we love donuts which is why we wanted to create a donut stop that had unique flavors and always fresh. We're always trying new combinations of flavors because we know variety is the spice of life!
So delicious!

Freshly made donuts

Two bartenders trading in their strainers for a fryer... Our donuts are hand crafted, always made fresh in small batches, never kept in a warmer, and made with the authentic flavor profiles of Hawaii.We'd love for you to come by and try some of these flavors and tell us what you think. We hope you enjoy and tell all your friends, who likes eating donuts alone anyway?!

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Gift card expiration date none
Available location Purve Kaka'ako
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Usage limit for one payment none
Unavailable day for usage none
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Name Purvé Donut Stop
Street address 1234 Kona Street Honolulu, Hi 86814 (Up the ramp)
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phone number 808-200-3978
business hours Mon-Thurs 6am-2pm Friday-Sunday 6am-5pm
Regular holiday Varies
Access Second floor of IOLANI Building
Official site

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