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EARL, Kaimuki opened in 2014. A sandwich specialty store that has gained tremendous support from local’s, opened the second store in Kakaako area in March 2019. EARL Kaka’ako is only a minute walk away from SALT. The menu is different from Kaimuki store, but all the sauces are handmade!

Inside the store

EARL now opened in Kaka'ako!

The spacious store with bright light, with modern American atmosphere. There are also an outside table seat where you can feel the wind, and 45-seat inside the store.

Popular menu (1) SHORT RIB TORTA

A short rib sandwich with tender meat that melts as soon as you put it in your mouth. This menu, is inspired by Mexican cuisine, is a dish with original salsa, sour cream and hot sauce. The short rib has been marinated over night with the special sauce.

Popular menu (2) JAM SAM

A full turkey salad sandwich. Jam is the original bacon jam. Handmade jam with bacon, brown sugar, onion, etc. are cooked over 5 hours. It has turkey meat salad with basil mayonnaise.

We have vegan menu too!

A vegan sandwich that has no dairy products. Although it doesn't have cheese or mayonnaise, it gives a very rich flavor with the original almond puree. With the balsamic sauce, the deliciousness and sweetness of the vegetables stand out. ALMOND JOY is a allergy free menu, that is perfect for children and women on diet!

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Street address Kaka'ako
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phone number 808-744-3370
business hours Monday - saturdasy 11am-8pm, Sunday 11am-4p
Regular holiday varies
Access Next to SALT Kaka'ako
Official site

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