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Butterfly Ice Cream


Butterfly Ice Cream

Come try the Homemade Ice Cream

Butterfly Ice Cream is located inside SALT Kaka’ako. Customers stop by during shopping in the daytime, and local’s line up at night to try the homemade ice cream. We have 18 different flavors, made by the owner that has been involved in the ice cream Industry in Europe, Singapore, and many other Asian countries.
Unique and tasty!

18 different flavors!

“Butterfly Ice Cream” was born from the owner’s dream of opening his own store where people can try the authentic European homemade ice cream.
Chocolate Ice Cream

Introducing the popular flavors!

These are some of the popular flavors. You can't go wrong with chocolate right? High-quality cacao flavor that spreads smoothly in your mouth with the finest chocolate.
Blueberry Ice Cream

Introducing the popular flavors!

The second flavor Blueberry ice cream with no artificial coloring! Blueberry ice cream has a refreshing blueberry flavor and surprisingly very rich creamy! Its a great option for those of you who want to try something new!

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Name Butterfly Ice Cream
Street address Kaka'ako
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phone number (808) 429-4483
business hours 11:00AM-9:00PM
Regular holiday None
Access Inside SALT Kaka'ako
Official site

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