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How to use Locopal


Choose a card
Please choose your favorite shop, Gift Card design, and the amount.
Locopal Gift Cards are available in a variety of genres including gourmet, shopping, beauty, activities and weddings. Once you have decided which store you like, choose a Gift Card design and the amount. 
※ Please note that amount and usage conditions of the card might differ depending on the store.

Find a card

Receive the card
If you wish to receive it BEFORE coming to Hawaii.
You can receive the Gift Card in your mail box before coming to Hawaii however, please order 14 days prior so you can receive them in time.
If you wish to receive it in Hawaii
Once you arrive in Hawaii, you can receive your Gift Card locally. You will have the option to receive them at Locopal Operating Company (Waikiki Office), or the hotel, which you are staying. When ordering, please follow the screen and enter your hotel name.
The card will be ready to deliver them within 5 business days from your order. If you tell us the check in date, we will arrange it so you can receive it on the day you arrive. Please feel free to contact us for any question and concerns.

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Please pay by PayPal or credit card.
You can use the following for credit cards.

  • * Payment is settled in US dollars, and the billed amount in Japanese yen depends on the settlement date of each card company and the exchange rate.
  • * Please be aware that we do not accept cancellation, return or exchanges after purchase.

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Use a card
Pay with our gift card at your favorite store.
Please present your Gift Card at the checkout.
* Depending on the store, card presentation at the time of order may be necessary. Please check the conditions of use on the page of each store.


When you finish using the card
Please use the remaining cards for your next trip to Hawaii.
If you can not use up the card, please use them on your next trip to Hawaii. If you have used up the cards, you can either take them home as a memory of your trip to Hawaii or you can dispose of them.
* The expiration date of the card varies depending on the store.

Find a card